About Us

We are a group of passionate humans who enjoy sharing our love of all things trending.

We celebrate creativity and individual expression.

We are all trending humans and our products reflect a view of humanity and its surprising commonalities

Trending Human is a leader in the design and distribution of premium lifestyle products. Our reputation, image, and designs have been developed through the engagement of social, economic, and behavioral patterns touching many throughout the world.

Reflecting on a distinctive American perspective, we have innovated a lifestyle brand that we believe engenders current and historical ways of life through parody, expression, and impression.

Providing both practical and theatrical products we strive to promote both imagination and consideration.

Decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live

Gianni Versace

Be prepared to ride the cycles and trends of life; success is never permanent, and failure is never final

Brian Tracy
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